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The Members and Friends of North Deering Congregational Church would like to express our condolences to the Family of Betsy Davis who passed away March 6, 2021. 

Sunday Service 9:30 am with Rev. Dr. Michael W. Glidden

Easter Sunday Service 9:30 am with Rev. Vance Jordan

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Pastoral Letter to you…


    It’s been over two months now since we have all been home bound during this unprecedented virus.  How are you all doing?  I am praying each day for you.  I trust that you are all doing well and this letter finds you all healthy and happy.


    How are you taking care of yourself during this time?  Remember to keep praying, studying the Word, stay connected with family and friends and know that the Lord will guide us all through this.


    I think that it’s very tempting to remain in solitude.  I know many who have kind of detached from life…


    Please remain connected and I trust that we will all get through this.



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 North Deering Congregational Church is committed to community outreach. The church's mission is to focus on reaching out into the community and being the hands and feet of Jesus by:


Feeding the hungry

Sharing the Gospel message

Embracing the power of prayer


Sunday Service 9:30 am with Rev. Dr. Michael W. Glidden.


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Come and worship with us on Sunday Mornings at 9:30 AM! ( Summer Worship Time)

9:30 AM Sunday              Worship Service (Communion 1st Sunday)

10:15 AM Sunday            Linger Longer (Suspended for the time being)

Maundy Thursday Service 6 PM 4/1/2021 (Cancelled)

Good Friday Service  6PM  4/2/2021(Cancelled)




Are you seeking a church that has a love for mission and outreach? We invite you to worship with us, fellowship with us and join us in mission as we reach out into our community and beyond.








This Is the Day…

By Pastor Mike 




    Rhonda and I got engaged in the month of March 1987.  It’s been 33 years for this blessed couple!  During our time of betrothal, we went to her home church in Woodland Maine in Washington County.  Rhonda’s home church was the Woodland Full Gospel Pentecostal Church.  Being a relatively new Christian, I didn’t know much about church singing.  The only singing that I did up to that point was in the bathtub and the only song I knew was Ernie’s song from Sesame Street “rubber ducky.”

    Every time, we gathered to worship in Woodland, we would always begin by singing…

This is the Day, this is the day

That the Lord has made

That the Lord has made…


I know that you’ve heard it before.  I sang it so much that it never quite impacted me until now.

    As I sit here meditating on this wonderful Sunday morning on the eve of Palm Sunday, I am reminded that this is the day that our wonderful God has created.  We are called to live for today and not fret over what tomorrow may bring.  We can rest assured that our God holds all of our tomorrows in the center of His hand.


Shalom my friends…






Update (received March 17) on Troop 41:

Troop 41 will not be meeting for the foreseeable future.

We will follow the Portland schools protocol until such time students are ready to return.





1364 Washington Avenue, Portland, ME 04103
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Sunday Morning Worship: 9:30 am




Please email your thoughts regards to starting services again


Stay Safe



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